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How to convert AC3 to FLAC audio format using Audio Transcoder

If you have been searching forums for a reputable AC3 to FLAC converter online you have found it. Audio Transcoder is a reliable and easy to use free AC3 to FLAC download software. If you’re not sure what AC3 is, it is the name of a type of file compression method for saving all sorts of media and text files. It preserves the quality of the data, whilst still allowing it to be compressed to save storage space. Its abbreviation stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec.
AC3 solves the problem where you need to compress large audio or media files for storage or transfer purposes. It does not diminish the quality of the data and it retains an impeccable performance. AC3 audio files are typically very large files, much larger files than FLACs due to their more dense data. Our AC3 to FLAC online software solves this problem.
Audio Transcoder is an easy to use program. It is designed for people who want to convert AC3 to FLAC from VLC from audio files stored on their PC or Mac. This may be because you want to play them on devices that only use FLACs. For example, if you want to convert your favourite tunes that are saved as AC3 files on a media drive. Using Audio Transcoder you will be able to play them via USB so you can listen to your favourite tunes in your car, phone or FLAC player. You can also use Audio Transcoder as a media player and ripping CDs. It is so easy to convert AC3 to FLAC from Audacity or many other programs by just selecting tracks and clicking a button. It is intuitive so that you don’t need to be an IT wizard to use it.

Free Download

The benefits of our AC3 to FLAC converter:

Whether you are a musician who needs to share high quality audio files with those you collaborate with, or you just want to have access to high quality music on the go and export the tracks you’ve downloaded onto your computer onto other devices, you will enjoy the easy to use and quick AC3 to FLAC converter download available.

What do the experts think of Audio Transcoder?

The leading authority on technology and software solutions, CNET.com reviewed our software and gave us an overall 4.5 stars (out of 5) for usability and output quality.

“The program's interface is basic and no-frills, with its two major functions - a CD ripper and audio converter - arranged in separate tabs. We found both features easy to use, with a series of check boxes and drop-down menus allowing us to select tracks, format file names, edit metadata, and choose formats. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.”
We are confident that once you’ve tried it, we think you’ll agree that Audio Transcoder is the best AC3 to FLAC converter available. With Audio Transcoder you can convert all your audio and video media files into files that are suitable for playing on iPod, iPhone or iPad and many other devices. Imagine being able to play your music or watch movies or shows via your portable devices in perfect quality and reproduction.

The three main benefits are:


Extremely fast file conversion
Save time and do multiple file conversions in batch mode
Thousands of files can be converted from AC32FLAC simultaneously
You can ‘set and forget’ it and get on with other things


Drag & Drop functionality
Intuitive interface with windows style explorer folder directory
Creates ID3 tags for Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre which makes curating lists easy
Burn your own CDs, including referencing of tracks and titles via CDDB/Freedb (titles databases)
The help menu is full of easy to follow screenshots for great user experience in when you first convert AC3 to FLAC


Compliance with Unicode for tags and file names
It is also a media player so you can preview tracks without having to open a different program
Can split a large AC3 file in a way to allow for a CUE file thereby creating defined tracks within a particular file
Reduces space on your hard drive. It does not create temporary files
Wide application - Apart from being the best AC3 to FLAC converter, it can also convert files to MP2/WMA/OGG/WAV/APE/MP4/M4A/M4B
Can be programmed to shut down your PC/Laptop on completion of conversion.

So let’s get started

Once you have clicked on our AC3 to FLAC download program and installed it, your Audio Transcoder is ready to use right away. When installing it we recommend that you select the default selections unless you are an advanced user. Once you open the program you will see a dashboard that resembles a windows directory tree (Folder Explorer). You will see at the top there are two tabs - 1. Audio CD Ripper and 2. Audio Converter, a large blank space that we call the Drop Zone is on the right hand side of the directory tree area.

Step 1 - Select the AC3 files for FLAC conversion

Select the Audio Converter Tab. You will see it opens your music library. You can also browse for a specific audio file location, for example, via an external drive. Using the Folder Explorer browse for the AC3 Files that you would like to convert to FLAC. You can drop and drag them into the ‘Drop Zone’ on the right hand side of the Folder Explorer. You can do it one at a time, or using <shift + mouse click> you can select many files at the same time. You can even select your entire music library for a bulk conversion.
When you are satisfied with the list that you have created, you are ready to do the next step which promises lightning fast AC3 to FLAC for iTunes, VLC, Audacity or any other program you use.
*TIP* before you get started, you may wish to organise your music folder so that the AC3 titles are already sorted into a section of your music library. This will make the batch conversion process even faster. A good option for AC3 to FLAC foobar users.

AC3 to FLAC Converter

Step 2 - Configure your settings

Once you have selected the AC3 files to convert to FLAC, you will need to see the output tab in the bottom third of the screen. Here is where you can fine tune how you wish the converted FLAC files to sound and behave. You can overwrite existing files or skip certain files in this process.
You can select the location for the new files to be stored. For example, you can store the converted files in a music folder, desktop or even a portable drive, CD or direct to your phone via USB or WI-FI transfer. The enhanced software version also allows for the AC3 + cue file to be configured so you can accurately have a break between tracks. Audio Transcoder recognises the cue file and splits it from the AC3 file accordingly. This is sometimes missed in other conversion methods.
As you are seeking to convert AC3 to FLAC, next you should select FLAC in the drop down dialog box. You can select the bitrate, sample rate and the number of channels. For good quality make sure that you select above 44.1 kHz. We recommend using the bit rate of 128 kbps. In the settings box you can select additional options such as the channels. For superior performance and listening enjoyment we recommend that you choose mono as the channel.
If you are satisfied with the customised settings you are ready for the transcoding or conversion step. This is the easiest step of all and is a great way to reduce the size of your music library. You will have your AC3 to FLAC via VLC or other media library formats.


Step 3 - AC3 to FLAC converter with a click of the mouse

Now that you have selected your AC3 files and selected your output settings, all that is left to do now is to press ‘convert’ which is highlighted with a treble clef icon. Once you have clicked convert, a dialog box will open to track the progress of the AC32FLAC conversion. If you want to stop the conversion at any time, you can click the stop button.
During the conversion process, or before you start, you can specify the priority from idle to high. You are also able to set an automatic process when the conversion is finished. You do not have to ‘babysit’ the program and you can just let it run. It will even turn off your PC/Laptop when it is finished, if you have selected this.

Audio Converter Progress window

Step 4 - Transfer the AC3 to FLAC to iTunes, phone, player or CD (optional)

You can choose to listen to the converted files in Audio Transcoder’s in-built media player. You can also find them in the output folder that you specified when you chose the settings in Step 2. Once there, you can upload them to any connected device and enjoy them away from home on your phone or FLAC player or tablet. Now that you have read through this guide, also check the FAQs, and we think you’ll be satisfied with the AC3 to FLAC download from Audio Transcoder.
Although this guide has been prepared for those who may have been looking for solutions to convert AC3 to FLAC for Audacity or VLC, there are over 15 different outputs that our product is able to convert. It is a great way to trim down your video library and export for MP4 or WAV files as well. You won’t need to search AC3 to FLAC Reddit advice any more.
Get started and download Audio Transcoder and enjoy a free trial.

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