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Convert FLAC, MP3, AAC, WV, TTA, MP4, M4A, WMA easily and quickly!


Summary: Music fans may love digital music but without an efficient and easy audio converter listening to their favorite songs can end up being frustrating. Use a music converter to change your files into the right format for your listening needs.

The number of audio file formats available for digital music and sound is impressive. However, music fans may not always be pleased with the consequences of such diversity. For example, your favorite music playing software may only support some of these file types - not all of them. You might have some songs you can play on your MP3 device while others won't work at all on that device. How can you avoid all of this frustration?

The Need for an Audio Converter

Digital music provides many benefits for music lovers. It's definitely easier to store many songs and CDs on your computer than trying to find room for hundreds of CDs in your home. You can also easily take entire libraries of music on the go whereas before you were limited to what could be held on a CD or a cassette. But all of these advantages come with the frustration of not always being able to enjoy the music in the way you want. One solution is an audio converter.

With the right music converter software, these limitations are no longer a problem. Instead, you have the ability to change a file into whatever format you need or want. Plus, you can use an audio CD ripper included in the software to bring your existing CD library onto your computer in digital format and save it in the file format that makes the most sense for you. For example, if high-quality digital sound is important to you and you have the available hard drive space, you might choose the FLAC format. If space is limited but your music collection is quire large, you might want to choose one of the various sizes of MP3 compression.

But where is someone going to find a program that has this much versatility and is easy enough for anyone to use?

Introducing the Solution

Audio Transcoder
is exactly the type of software music lovers need. The software allows you to change (convert) the digital format of your music files into over ten different file types, including FLAC, MP3, AAC, WV, TTA, MP4, M4A, and WMA. Plus, converting a file is simple enough for any user, regardless of computer experience. The process takes only three steps and you're done. You can even convert entire batches of files easily - this is a big timesaver if you need to convert an entire album or if you need to convert  large chunks of your audio library to make them compatible with your player.

Additionally, Audio Transcoder comes with built-in CD ripping technology that lets you convert your music library in digital copies and save them into almost any format you desire. The program can also export music and save it into nearly any file type imaginable. This is a big help if you need to give music to someone else or use it in a different system that uses different audio programs than yours.

The audio converter program runs on Windows 2000 and newer operating systems and even includes CD player technology so you can enjoy your music even without ripping it.

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