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All-in-one Audio CD Ripper and Audio Format Converter

Do you have a large collection of music sitting on your hard disk in lossless or exotic formats? Want to upload part of it into a portable MP3 player? You’ll need a tool to convert between audio formats, and it’s up to you which one to choose!

Rip CDs and convert between a number of audio formats in just a few clicks! The new audio converter released by Digital Music Software ( rips music CDs, and converts between more than 20 different audio formats while preserving existing meta tags in a variety of formats.

Audio Transcoder
is an all-in-one solution for managing large collections of music. The new audio file Converter: Convert audio files between more than 20 formats, most of which are supported in batch mode, and allows ripping CDs directly into a target audio format without messing with large temporary files. While doing the conversion, you’ll have the option to adjust the resulting audio by specifying the desired sound quality, file size, or bitrate.

It does not get any easier when converting between the many types of audio supported by Audio Transcoder! Simply selecting the files to convert, specifying the desired format and quality, and choosing a folder to store the resulting files is all that’s needed. The integrated Audio Converter works with all supported audio formats directly, without creating large temporary files. The entire collection of music can be converted into a different format in just a few clicks!

If the target format can handle meta information, Audio Transcoder supports, preserves and correctly converts between ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg/FLAC, APE tags during conversion. If you need to modify any information about the tune, the built-in tag editor is readily available.

Ripping CDs directly into a target format is possible with integrated Audio CD Ripper. Supporting the FreeDB database, Audio Transcoder can download information about tunes being ripped and fill in the meta tags automatically.


Audio Transcoder supports a wide number of audio formats, including all types of MP3, AAC, FLAC, WV, MP4, ALAC, M4A (iPod AAC and Apple Lossless), WMA, WAV, and many more exotic types of audio. The built-in media player can play back all of the supported files, making it easy to choose which ones to convert. The available power management module can shut down your PC at the end of the conversion if you choose to perform the conversion job overnight.

Offering an exceptionally wide selection of supported audio formats, Audio Transcoder competes by providing an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for converting between more than 20 audio types and backing up the entire CD collections directly into a selected audio format.

At just $19.95, Audio Transcoder is easily affordable. A free trial version is available.

Download your copy at:

Rip CD
s and convert between a number of audio formats in just a few clicks! Audio Transcoder supports more than 20 formats, and recognizes meta tags in a variety of formats.


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